Come and Worship with Us!

Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Join us for coffee and fellowship following service

Things We Collect

We have a number of collection boxes just inside the front doors of the church, under the pew to collect the following items.


     Milk Bags

We collect the outside bags from bagged milk.  Please clean and fold them.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services and Halton Youth Justice Services have been participating in this program. In this program, recycled milk bags are collected, and then distributed to youth with a community service order (CSO) requirement. Youth assist with the folding, cutting, linking and weaving of these milk bags. Upon successful completion, these bed mats are sent to Haiti. Of note, the youth are proud to participate in this worthy cause.

One single adult bed requires approximately 300-500 milk bags. These mats are washable, quick drying, and provide an alternative for the children and adults of Haiti for sleeping on damp, hard  grounds and are greatly valued.

Thank you to all who donate regularly and anyone who uses bagged milk, please consider donating the outer bag to our donation box.

   Eyeglasses for Sierra Leone 

We collect used prescription eyeglasses for Sierra Leone. To date, over 300 pairs of prescription glasses have been collected / donated.

   Ink Cartridges 

We collects used ink cartridges.  These are then sent to a company that recycles them safely, and we get paid for every one we divert from the local landfill.