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First Nations

We acknowledge, this day, that we gather for worship on the traditional territories of the Neutral Tribes, Erie, Huron and the other Native Peoples who followed them, as the original nations of this land, and we acknowledge, with respect, their history, their spirituality, and their culture.

Tansley First Nations Projects – 2018 Project

Tansley’s focus on this community is rooted in something that happened in the spring of 2016. Tansley United Church’s Book Club, Tansley Reads, read Up Ghost River, by Edmund Metatawabin. Edmund Metatawabin is a former First Nations Chief of Fort Albany on the James Bay coast in Northern Ontario and a survivor of the residential school system. In Up Ghost River he details his life in a loving family, his experience in the residential school system, the importance of native teachings, the land and much more.

The group was so moved by his story that over $300 was collected in one day which was used to purchase and send multiple shipments of fresh fruit (extremely expensive to purchase locally in fly-in northern communities) to early child care centres in First Nations communities along the James Bay coast and in areas close to the northern Manitoba/Ontario border through a Tansley member’s connections.

Tansley is now supporting the Fort Albany Market / Good Food Boxes which started about 10 years ago as an off-shoot of the Student Nutrition Program.  Since the community and the community members were not able to afford to buy healthy foods for their families, they decided to organize produce markets to help with the food insecurity.

Now every two weeks about 3,000 lbs. of fresh fruits & vegetables are available for sale. Any food left at the end of the market is stored in refrigerators in the school and people come in anytime and shop.

The program receives a government subsidy, Nutrition North Canada, of $0.60/ lb. on all healthy food. This means that on 3,000 lb. of healthy food a subsidy of $1,800.00 is applied to, and almost covers, the transportation costs.

Good Food Boxes can also be pre-ordered by families for $50.00 box. This box contains a selection of fruits and veggies. Sometimes cheese, bread or cereal is also included in the food box. 40-50 of these food boxes are ordered every 2 weeks.

Another one of the program’s goals has been to introduce unfamiliar foods to the community, so they often have cut-up pieces of fruit or vegetables available at the markets for people to taste.

The markets are not only able to supply fresh produce to the community as a whole but also to supply the child care, elders program, school nutrition program and many other events organized in the community. These include after school programs, cultural activities etc.

The funds raised today will be sent to the community to support this program.

“Miigwetch” (Thank you!)

At this years Document Shredding event we raised $1,600 to be sent to support this project.

Indigenous Authors Library

We have an Indigenous Peoples library at Tansley so everyone has the chance to borrow a book and learn more! Any donations of both adult and children’s books would be appreciated!