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Cooking at Tansley

Do you find that cooking for one or two can be a challenge?

Cooking @ Tansley is a no cost program running on Thursday nights at 4:00 p.m.. Chef Marcia Ouellet will lead groups in preparation of a themed dinner.

Have fun, cook, socialize with others and take some meals home with you! Learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

This evening is for individuals who are 50 + and limited to 12 diners for each session.

Bring a favourite apron!

Date Theme
September 19th Food on a Stick
October 10th Harvest time!
October 24th Marinades and Salad dressings
November 7th Condiment Crafting
November 21st Lovely leftovers
December 5th Apps, Apps and more Apps!


Please register by emailing with your preferences in order of interest.  Registration will be accepted on a first come basis.

Marcia Ouellet
Chef Marcia Ouellet has a great love for food from ground to mouth. Raised in the Ottawa Valley between a tine Quebec village and a small Ontario town, food and its origins have been a passion for hers for as long as she can recall. There is so much to learn about people and the environment and although just a home cook, it continues to be exciting to connect with the world on a plate.