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Message from the Minister

Easter is synonymous with Spring.  Each year as the calendar rolls along we are invited to both celebrate and remember new life.  We see it in the weather, plants and trees begin to shed their winter look, birds come back to our streets and gardens and there is joy and optimism in the air.  All of these and more speak to a renaissance, and more importantly, hope.

All of us need hope, without it, our lives lack direction and vitality; without hope we begin to shrivel up, stagnant- we fail to grow and be the people we are called to be.  This is the meaning of resurrection.  Resurrection is not just a second chance, but a total reworking of ourselves and the world we live in; giving us new hope and new lives

Easter hope centres around a central figure – Jesus of Nazareth.  Because of his death and resurrection, death is defeated; we need not fear death as an ending but a new beginning.  Just like seeds deposited in the earth in the Fall come to new life in the springtime, so too do our lives receive eternal hope through Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

May Easter give you great blessings this year, and again with joy celebrate God’s gracious gift of new life!

Happy Easter, Rev. Stephen Huntley