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Transition Updates

The following information is to document the progression of the Transition process regarding the Amalgamation of Tansley United Church and St Stephen United Church.  

Transition Team (TT)   Questions and Answers (Q&A)

(Short forms used in the Q+A)

HRC = Human Resources Commission

Rep = Representative appointed by the Human Resources Commission of the Regional Council


What is a Transition Team?

A transition team (TT) is a group of 4-6 people from the community of faith (congregation) and 1 or 2 from the Regional Council (RC) who work with the Intentional Interim Minister (in our case, Rev. Helen Prior) to help guide the community of faith (New Church) through the period of interim ministry.

Why do we (New Church) have a Transition Team?   

It is a requirement of the United Church of Canada (UCC) to be in place whenever there is an

Intentional Interim Minister. Our church requested an Intentional Interim Minister because of our amalgamation and because as a new congregation we need to discover our identity and mission so that we (New Church) can determine the direction in which we wish to move.

Who’s on the Transition Team?

The members of the TT are our Intentional Interim Minister, Rev. Helen Prior, a Rep, Mel Matthias, and representatives of the 3 congregations forming New Church (Nelson, St Stephen and Tansley). Barb McKeown (N) Linda Draddy and Sharyn Georgas (SS) and Stacy Goodale and Sue Stephen (T). A second Rep may be appointed by HRC-RC to ensure each meeting has quorum.

How were they chosen? 

The Rep was appointed by the HRC-RC.

The congregational members of the TT were selected by the chairs of the former Boards or

Councils. Their names were submitted to, and accepted by the Human Resources Commission (HRC) of RC on July 24, 2019. Their approval will be an item of business on the agenda of the

August 20, 2019 Board Meeting. They fulfill the expectations for appointment to a TT as they:

  • Are active participants in the community of faith
  • Represent a cross-section of the community of faith
  • Are some of the community of faith’s key leaders
  • Understand the challenges ahead
  • Are prepared to make a time-intensive commitment over the entire period of the interim ministry (to June 30, 2021)
  • Are not members of the M+P Committee or staff members. 

Is their work secret? 

NO! They will liaise and collaborate regularly with the governing body (Board) and one member of the TT will be a member of the Board for the duration of the interim ministry. The TT will communicate and consult regularly with the congregation and with the RC.

What power do they have? 

  • They will liaise and collaborate regularly with the governing body (Board) and one member of the TT will be a member of the Board for the duration of the interim ministry.
  • The TT will communicate regularly with the congregation and with the RC.
  • They will make recommendations to the Board and congregation regarding next stages and future directions beyond the interim ministry.
  • They will participate in the evaluation of the intentional interim minister and the interim ministry.
  • The TT will be dissolved at the end of the intentional interim ministry. Individual members may offer other leadership for a period of time to assist in integrating changes.

When will they begin their work? 

In anticipation of approval of its membership at the August 20, 2019 Board Meeting, the TT will gather for the first time on Wednesday, August 7, 2019. Key goals for that meeting will be to:

  • Get to know each other and the shared skill sets* within the team
  • Understand the role of the Transition Team
  • Commit that they are ready to:
  • Consider the well-being of the community of faith FIRST
  • Consider differing points of view within the TT and congregation
  • Work as a team, cooperate and be ready to be challenged
  • Invest their time and energy to do the work well etc.,
  • Set a meeting schedule –the group will meet frequently 


*Required Skills and Abilities

  • Communication, social media and presentation
  • Facilitation, delegation and encouragement of leadership in others
  • Staying calm during times of change and inspiring hope and positivity
  • Research, writing and computer use
  • Knowledge of the local community of faith and its culture (this will be emerging)
  • Knowledge of the UCC and its polity
  • Understanding the Christian story as it was told in the first century and is being told today


The following information exists to show the progression of the meetings regarding the Amalgamation of Tansley United Church and St Stephen United Church.  This happened on July 1, 2019.

Please note the most current information is listed first.

New Church Founding Board Meeting May 28, 2019 – Summary

The highlights of the most recent meeting of the Founding Board are –

  1. Discussion was held with respect to a Transition Team. We will be looking for four to six people to work with the Intentional Interim Minister, engaging the congregation in creating goals, communicating with the board and community of faith.  The hope is that there will be representatives on this team from the former Nelson, St. Stephen and Tansley folk
  2. Over the summer we generally have suspended emails and/or newsletters. For this summer, there will be on-going communication keeping everyone informed.  Check your emails.
  3. We are in the process of determining who will serve on the board of New Church. Should you be interested in working with one of the committees, again, please advise.  The board of New Church do plan to meet over the summer to continue their work.
  4. Worship will be encouraging all members of our newly amalgamated church to participate in greeting, ushering, announcements, scripture reading etc. Be sure to ask names if someone new is helping in one of these roles.
  5. Allison Playfair and Steve will work together as worship leaders for the June 16th Allison will be taking the June 23 and Steve will be the worship leader on June 30.
  6. The property committee is hoping to mount the St. Stephen cross in this building for the first service of the amalgamated church on June 16th.
  7. M&P confirmed that Rev. Helen Prior, recently of St. Paul’s United Church in Dundas, will begin Aug 1. as our Intentional Interim Minister pending the approval of Regional Council.


New Church Founding Board Meeting May 7, 2019 – Summary

The Founding Board met at Tansley United Church

The meeting opened with a prayer and an Acknowledgement of the Territories.  Highlights are…

  • We have been advised by Regional Council that the request for a change in pastoral relationship as of June 30th was approved. Both ministers have been advised of this.  The 90 days notice began April 24. 
  • Both congregations approved moving forward with an interim/supply minister. The search committee are pursuing a strong candidate for the Intentional Interim Ministers position effective Aug 1.
  • Barbara Morrison has agreed to supply for the month of July
  • A Governance Model was considered. It is based on the existing governance models and with a few revisions was accepted by the Founding Board for use after July 1.  This model will need to be approved by the newly amalgamated congregation post July 1.
  • The board membership, post July 1st, is being worked on. If you are interested in serving on any of the board committees after July 1, please let any member of the current board/council  or a Founding Board member know.
  • Mark your calendars for June 22. The Faith Formation committee is planning a potluck for members of both St. Stephen and Tansley.  This is an opportunity for everyone to get to know one other better.  The dinner will be held at Tansley.  More details to follow.

New Church Founding Board Meeting  April 23, 2019 – Summary

The Founding Board met at Tansley United Church

The meeting opened with a prayer and an Acknowledgement of the Territories.

  • Steve Shaver, Chair of the Amalgamation committee at Christ First Church in Port Credit shared some of his learning experiences with their recent amalgamation. One of his key messages was to focus on similarities between the 2 churches when working together. He also discussed the importance of maintaining some of the key traditions of each of the churches.
  • A new Governance Model was circulated to all members. It was based on the existing model at Tansley but discussion about this model was deferred until our next meeting.  Several members of the Founding Board will be attending a Governance Workshop on April 29th which may bring about some new ideas to incorporate.
  • As required the M & P have asked the Regional Council for approval to end the call of the 2 ministers and are awaiting the outcome. In the meantime, they are looking into Intentional Interim Ministers.  Two strong possibilities exist but we cannot move forward until we receive official approval.  The Intentional Interim Ministers position is a temporary position.  The purpose is to assist New Church through the transitional period.
  • The sale of St. Stephen is complete. The Carpenter Hospice now owns the building and the property.
  • The Worship committee chairs have met. They have identified many similarities with each of the services, but some instrumental issues need to be sorted out.  Many of these will be determined by the style and wishes of the new minister.
  • The 2 outreach chairs will be meeting to review each of the outreach activities from each church.
  • The property committee at Tansley would like to take the cross down from the St Stephen sanctuary on June 10th following the last service at St Stephen so that it can be up and in place for the next service at the New Church location.
  • The members of St. Stephen will begin worshipping at the Tansley facility on June 16th.

If you have any questions, at any time please send them to  and a member of the founding board will respond as soon as possible. 

New Church Founding Board Meeting April 9, 2019 – Summary

The Founding Board met at St Stephen United Church

The meeting opened with a prayer and an Acknowledgement of the Territories.

A new governance model has been proposed and has been circulated to the Founding Board.  This will be reviewed at the next meeting.  There are other policies that need to be reviewed and revised as needed.  Existing policies from each of the churches will be gathered and it is suggested that a task force be stuck to review them all and develop new policies for New Church.

The Worship committee chairs met and indicated that there would not be a Vacation Bible School this summer but there has been some discussion about a PA day camp.  Volunteers would be required before this could be planned.

Feedback from the Habits, Norms and Expectations Workshop was provided.  9 people attended.  The workshop provided some helpful information that we can use moving forward but did not meet everyone’s expectations.  We did learn that an Amalgamation Conference is being planned for the fall but no dates are available yet.  We did meet the Amalgamation Committee chair from Christ First church.  While their experiences have been very different from ours, Sandra Baker volunteered to contact him and see if it would be worthwhile meeting with him. Contact information was given to Sandra.

Information was shared about a Governance Workshop on April 29th.  Three people volunteered to attend and hopefully there may be 1-2 more joining them.

An ‘in camera’ discussion was held related to M & P matters.

If the Regional Council approves our requests to end our pastoral relationships as of June 30, 2019 the 90 days notice starts on April 25th. Founding Board passed a motion recommending that the St Stephen Council and Tansley Board request that the last working day for Rev. Allison Playfair and Rev. Stephen Huntley still be June 30th. They will continue to be paid until July 24th.

A motion was also passed that the Founding Board co-chairs and the M & P co-chairs form a selection committee for an Intentional Interim minister and bring forward a recommendation to the Founding Board. This is subject to ensuring the plan meets with the requirements of the Pastoral Relations manual and processes.

Motions approved by the Founding Board will be ratified on July 1, 2019 when the Founding Board has the official capacity to make decisions on behalf of New Church.

Next meeting:  April 23rd at Tansley United Church


Sent to the Congregation on on April 3, 2019 

Message to the Tansley Family –

On March 31, 2019 a congregational meeting was held to deal with motions to change the pastoral relationship for Tansley United Church.  There were over 80 members/adherents either physically present or taking part via conference call.  The motions were presented along with background information that had previously been forwarded to everyone.  

  1. MOTION – That Tansley United Church request a change that will end the pastoral relationship effective June 30, 2019
  2. MOTION– That Tansley United Church request the appointment of an Intentional Interim Minister or Supply for the New Church effective July 1, 2019.

There was much discussion.  The M & P Committee members answered all questions as completely as possible while respecting confidentiality and personal privacy.  The most often asked question was: “Why are we losing our minister?”

In his comments to the Congregational Meeting on March 31, 2019, Reverend Huntley reminded us that the process that has led to our amalgamation with Nelson and the upcoming amalgamation with St. Stephen began more than 5 years ago through the work of the North Burlington Churches united (NBCu).

Throughout this process both Reverends Playfair and Huntley have been actively supportive and, in fact, proactive of St Stephen and Tansley amalgamating, knowing full well that they would likely not be part of a new congregation moving forward. Their desire was to see the combined congregations of Nelson, St Stephen and Tansley thrive as a new community of faith in North Burlington. In consultation with the United Church of Canada, every attempt is being made to ensure that our ministers are treated with dignity, respect and support as they transition from their respective calls and move on to new roles. We thank them both for their selfless leadership and pray for their personal, professional and spiritual success.

To recap:   Tansley members previously voted to amalgamate with St. Stephen United Church.  This means they are coming to our facility as equal partners. They are not joining Tansley but together we are forming a “New Church”.  This is an amalgamation of not two, but three churches, Nelson, St. Stephen and Tansley.  When Nelson amalgamated, all Nelson staff remained with Lowville United, the other church in the two-point charge.  Staffing was not impacted.  In this situation, both St. Stephen and Tansley have full time ministers.  A decision had to be made how to deal with this.  The 3 options were, maintain two full time positions, have one stay and one leave or have both leave.  The Founding Board of the New Church and the Tansley Board recommended to request a change in the pastoral relationship ending Rev. Stephen Huntley’s call and to request an Intentional Interim Minister as of July 1, 2019.  At the same time, we were considering this motion, St. Stephen was holding their own congregational meeting to consider a like motion to change their pastoral relationship with Rev. Allison Playfair.

73% of the potential voter’s present, voted to accept the motions to request that Regional Council approve a change in pastoral relationship between Tansley and Rev. Stephen Huntley effective June 30, 2019 and to request the appointment of an Interim Minister/Supply for the “New Church” formed through the amalgamation of St. Stephen and Tansley United Churches effective July 1, 2019.   St. Stephen congregation also approved the motions. 

A formal letter of request has been sent to Regional Council for their approval asking that our request be considered at their next meeting, April 24, 2019.  In the meantime, the Founding Board will continue its work planning for the upcoming amalgamation, making recommendations to the Tansley Board and St. Stephen Council.

If you have any questions, at any time please send them to  and a member of the founding board will respond as soon as possible. 

It is a time of change. It is also a time of great opportunity.  

Carol Boyle                                         Dale Martin

Co-Chair                                               Co-Chair


Please be advised that there will be a congregational meeting on
Sunday March  31st regarding amalgamation decisions that must be made.   
Please make every effort to attend.


Amalgamation Update – March 10, 2019: Message given by Carol Boyle during Congregational Finance Meeting at Tansley United Church

Four or five years ago, the challenges that Lowville / Nelson were facing, and that St. Stephen had begun exploring the possibility of selling their land and closing, moving or merging were recognized.  Out of that the North Burlington Churches united was born leading to the eventual amalgamation of Nelson and Tansley and now the anticipated amalgamation of St. Stephen and Tansley.  Over the last four or five years, a many people have spent a lot of time walking together in faith to get to this point, and everyone’s efforts are to be commended. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Nelson joined Tansley, breathing new life and energy into our combined congregation. 

On June 17th, 2018, Tansley and St Stephen both voted to enter formal discussions to determine whether to amalgamate, and a Due Diligence team made up of 3 people from Tansley and 3 people from St Stephen was formed.    Three detailed Q&A’s were subsequently distributed to both congregations answering questions that were raised by members of the congregations as well as questions that were determined by the Due Diligence Committee.  The Due Diligence Committee recommended to their respective board/council that the congregations proceed with a formal vote to Amalgamate on November 18th.  The board/council and both congregations passed this motion.  On January 27 we met once again as a congregation to vote on the members of the Founding Board for this New Church, who will represent Tansley.  St. Stephen also voted on members to represent them.  On February 4 the first meeting of the Founding Board took place.  

At that meeting Jim Harding of Tansley took time to address the Founding Board. From his experiences, through several amalgamations, he shared some of his thoughts around the challenges we will all face in this coming together of not just two congregations but, three.  I am paraphrasing some of his comments but would like to share them with all.  I think we all, not just the founding board, need to hear them. 

  • We are all passionate about our churches, but this can become an impediment if we are not careful
  • There are things we must make peace with as we leave Tansley or St. Stephen, there will be a fear of change.
  • There can be a fear of letting go of the past. We need to understand that the past can shine a bright light on the path to the future.
  • Inflexibility stops us from moving forward. Saying “this is how we do it here” or “this is how we used to do it” will hold us back.
  • We should not mourn but we should rejoice that we are building a new church.
  • This whole process can be successful, because we are Christians, and we have a duty to love one another. Jesus said we should “love one another as I have loved you.” If we follow Jesus through this process, then there will be less conflict and better decisions will be made.
  • Listen carefully with heart and conscience to what others have to say. We all have something good, right and important to say but we must listen respectfully and empathetically to each other. Nothing is achieved without hard work.

We offer our thanks to Jim for sharing his experience and wisdom.

I understand that there are questions coming forward.  Some folk are getting anxious about this whole process.    Steve has often made the comparison of an amalgamation being like a marriage.   That after the “I do’s”, life is never quite the same.  We are the same people but still there are subtle changes.  In a successful marriage or amalgamation there are far more positives than negatives.  New energy, new life and new opportunities are available.    Some compromises will be necessary as we move forward but they are on both sides, not just ours.  Remember we were the “groom” inviting both Nelson and now St. Stephen to join us in our home.  Remember too, we asked them to join us as equal partners not just as a friend to come and stay awhile.  Each will have given up their home in order to come here.  In the case of Nelson, they chose the timing.  Our Nelson family could have stayed open for a number of years using their endowment fund to finance the bills until it was gone.  Instead, they chose to amalgamate and have given us the privilege to work with them in both capital and more importantly outreach projects.  St. Stephen folk too are looking forward to working with us.  However, their situation is somewhat different.  They are being forced to make changes as they are no longer able to support the combined expenses of the building and salaries.  Unfortunately, just as Nelson experienced, not everyone will come to this new church home. Some will choose another path, leaving another sense of loss.   Once the sale of the property is finalized (which will take some time), and after their outstanding debts are paid, St. Stephen folk will determine what will be done with the remaining money.  Possibly some donations and/or an endowment fund with specific conditions.  We just don’t know yet.   

Looking to the future, the founding board has members representing all three churches.  We will look at all aspects of church life and work to bring the congregations together.  The property committee has already looked at what items St. Stephen folk may like to bring and incorporate into our space.  That said, just as in our marriage comparison there is only so much room, and space and storage availability must be taken into consideration.  Tough decisions will have to be made.  Donna and I had a chance to choose some of the items from the kitchen.  We will now have some matching silverware.  This may seem mundane, but we have never had that!  Yeah!  The worship, faith formation, outreach etc. committees are all be working together to compare the similarities and differences in how things are done, bringing forward recommendations for the New Church.  For indeed it will be a new church with everyone’s involvement.  We will all be Charter Members in this venture. 

The greatest challenges facing us relate to staffing and the question of a name change.  The M & P committees are working together with the financial committees to look at all scenarios and make recommendations to the founding board.  As you are aware, the founding board can make no decisions, only recommendations to the individual board/councils.  This is being done with the assistance of our local regional representatives of the UCC.

Some are concerned about a name change.  Just as in a marriage a name change is likely.  It is anticipated that this will help all of us realize that together, we are indeed a brand-new church.  Will this be done quickly? NO!  It will be done with careful thought and the participation of all, most likely as a part of the visioning process after the amalgamation.  Remember that nothing can be done without the approval of the board and the congregation.   It will also be a slow process knowing that many folks recognize the name Tansley, and for them it is synonymous with many of our outreach projects.  In the meantime, the Founding Board has decided to refer to our future amalgamated church as “New Church”.

After July 1 we anticipate a visioning process to occur.  This step was not done at the time Nelson amalgamated as we were aware of the possibility of St. Stephen making the decision to join us as well.  This is an important step and imperative that every member have the opportunity to participate.  It did not make sense to go through any visioning until we knew whether St. Stephen would indeed help to form a new congregation.

In a nutshell, we have the opportunity to re-set our future with the help of both Nelson and St Stephen and are honoured to be entrusted with their legacies moving forward.  Their legacies being their combined long histories in the Burlington community encompassing all their Sunday services, weddings, baptisms, funerals, Christmas Pageants, pot luck suppers, and yes, their endowment funds, which are really a physical manifestation of their past.  By combining our congregations, we are able to preserve and continue our combined legacy moving forward.  This is really a once in a lifetime blessing that we can all jointly share. 


Posted March 8th, 2019

Founding Board Meeting  February 26, 2019 – Summary

The Founding Board had a very productive second meeting.

After an opening prayer an Acknowledgement of the Territories we welcomed John Neff Minister, Congregational Support and Mission Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.  Although not the rep for our region, John was present to give advice and guidance to this group. Lynn Allin will be the rep for our region, Horseshoe Falls beginning March 1.

Updates were provided from the various committee chairs who have started working together. At this time, no recommendations have come forward from these committees.  A checklist has been put together to assist everyone in recognizing the work that needs to be done and in what time frame. 

Staffing is on everyone minds. Please know that M & P are working diligently to come up with a recommendation.  They hope to have a recommendation to the Founding Board that can then be taken back to our respective Council/Board soon.

John Neff then spoke to the group regarding his recommendations moving forward.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 12th.

Posted February 21, 2019

St. Stephen – Tansley Founding Board Meeting   February 4, 2019

The members of the Founding Board met on Feb 4, 2019.  The purpose of this board is to provide guidance to the existing boards in making key decisions prior to amalgamation. 

We began with a statement of Land Acknowledgement, prayer and a reflection.

This was an opportunity to get to know one another better.  With representatives from both churches who had never met time was taken to share names and information about each other. 

Jim Harding, a member at Tansley, has experienced several amalgamations throughout his career and took time to share some of his thoughts in order to assist us with this process.

  • Whatever the organization the challenges of joining together are the same.
  • Our passion for our church can actually become an impediment.
  • We stand a better chance of success because we are Christians and we have a duty to love one another. Jesus said we should “love one another as I have loved you.” If we follow Jesus through this process, then there will be less conflict and better decisions made.
  • We should not mourn but we should rejoice that we are building a new church.
  • There are things we must make peace with as we leave Tansley or St. Stephen, there will be a fear of change.
  • Inflexibility stops us from moving forward and saying this is how we did it here or used to do it, will hold us back.
  • There is a fear of letting go of the past. Understanding the past shines a bright light on the path to the future.
  • Listen carefully with heart and conscience to what others have to say. We all have something good, right and important to say but we must listen respectfully and empathetically to each other. Nothing is achieved without hard work.

 There are co-chairs for each of the committees, one from St. Stephen and one from Tansley. Each of the committees will be working to blend the two communities of faith.  All aspects will to be looked at including, staffing, worship, board structure, faith formation, outreach, policy etc.  Recommendations will then be made to the existing boards.  

The work of the New Church has begun!

Next meeting will be held February 26th, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Note:  On January 30th the property of St. Stephen was sold (closing date April 1, 2019) to the Burlington Hospice after a unanimous vote from the Congregation. The Congregation will leave St. Stephen in mid to late June. After that all items will be removed from the Church.

Posted February 8, 2019

On behalf of St Stephen United Church, we are pleased to advise that the St Stephen church property has been sold to their friend and neighbour, the Carpenter Hospice.  The congregation of St Stephen have had a long and meaningful relationship with Carpenter Hospice and they are excited that this sale has been approved unanimously by the St Stephen congregation and the new Horseshoe Falls Regional Council.  Carpenter Hospice will take possession of the property April 1, 2019, and St Stephen will be able to continue to rent the property for $1 per month until they join with Tansley on July 1, 2019.

 On the amalgamation front, The New Church Founding Board held their first meeting on February 4th to begin discussions on amalgamation of the two congregations.



Chairs                                                 Heather McGavin /Carol Boyle

Secretary                                           Sian Baker

Communications                           Jack Seedhouse/ Susan Ward-England

Faith Formation                             Donna Lelievre

Finance                                              Dave Shilton / Sandra Baker

Fund Raising                                   Linda Draddy

M & P                                                  Paul Bartu / Sue Stephen


Outreach                                           Marilyn Martin / Janice Martin

Property                                            Bob England

Regional Reps

Stewardship                                    Kathy Seedhouse

Trustees                                            Paul Bartu  / Mike Lawton


Worship                                            Lloyd Pong  / Jennifer Brezina

Members at Large                         Sharyn Georgas / Gary Goodale, Carol D’Amelio, Dale Martin




MISSION    “To grow people of faith who participate in God’s work in the world.”

Acknowledgement of Territory

            “We acknowledge that we gather for our work on the traditional territories of the Neutral Tribes, Erie, Huron and the other Native peoples who followed them, as the original nations of this land, and we acknowledge with respect their history, their spirituality and their culture.”

 Check-In – Please sign in and pass along to your neighbour.


Cliff Lelievre

Donna Levievre

Kathryn Munn

Jennifer Brezina

Sharon Allchin

Joan Hunt

Michael Mulrooney

Shirley Hobden

Peter Hobden

Jane Jenner

Dennis Marshall

Sue Marshall

Sheila Young

Lynn Merwart

Sandy Wright

Bruce Merwart

Darryl Balckie

Bonnie Blackie

Garry MacDonald

Marsh MacDonald

Ruth Goodale

Jim Allchin

Carol D’Amelio

Shirley King

Susan Ward-England

May Turner

Susan Stephen

Lorraine Yamamoto

Cheryl Caldwell

Leslie Williams

Mike Lawton

Ross Stephen

Wayne Burroughs

Elisabeth Burroughs

Jennifer B???

Dave Mycroft

Wendy Mycroft

Dale McKeown

Barb McKeown

Sandy McKeown

Coreen Athens

Sue Clarke

Karen Saevil-Turges

Paula Harding

Jim Harding

Bob Turcott

Gail Turcott

Linda Trotter

Janice Scott

Sandra Newcombe

Gwen Morris

Bryan Morris

Jane Hunter

Kevin Brown

Myrna-Gail McDonald

Gary Goodale

Janet Saunders

Debbie Lauzon

Carol Boyle

Mark Goodale





  1. MOTIONTo allow all those in attendance eligible to vote on motions.

Motion made by – Gary Goodale   Seconded by – Dale McKeown    RESULT: MOTION CARRIED          

     2(B)   MOTION – To have Carol Boyle chair the meeting and Mark Goodale record the minutes.

Motion made by –  Carol D’Amelio    Seconded – Sue Stephen     RESULT: MOTION CARRIED



To vote on Tansley’s nominated representatives on the Founding Board for the amalgamated church.


As outlined previously, the Founding Board will investigate and make any recommendations needed for the new amalgamated church and submit those to each respective Board/Council for approval at each church’s Board/Council meeting. The Founding Board will not have any decision-making authority.  On July 1, 2019, the Founding Board, (including respective committee members at that time), will become the Official Board/Council of the newly amalgamated church, and the existing Tansley Board will cease to exist.  Nominees are listed on the screen.  If anyone else would like to offer their services, please advise. 



Nominated Representative from Tansley United Church


Carol Boyle


Susan Ward-England

Faith Formation

Donna Lelievre


Sandra Baker

Fund Raising


Members at Large

Gary Goodale, Carol D’Amelio, Dale Martin

M & P

Sue Stephen


Janice Martin


Bob England




Mike Lawton




Jennifer Brezina

Note: All positions are Co-Chairs with representatives from St. Stephen

      MOTION – Request a move to accept Tansley’s representatives as nominated.

Motion made by – May Turner   Seconded – Sandra Baker   RESULT: MOTION CARRIED


      MOTION – Request a move that any vacancies/changes can be addressed by the Founding Board.

Motion made by – Don Hunt    Seconded – Cheryl Caldwell   RESULT: MOTION CARRIED


MOTION – to extend the term of the current Tansley Board members until June 30th, 2019, and delay the full Congregational Meeting until closer to the end of their new term (~June 30, 2019)

Motion made by – Don Hunt    Seconded – Ross Stephen    RESULT: MOTION CARRIED

NOTE:  With the creation of a newly amalgamated church as of July 1, the Tansley Board approved a motion that Tansley’s current Board remain in effect until June 30, 2019.   We will have our Annual General Meeting on March 10.  This meeting will be a Financial Report only, reporting the Financials for 2018 and the Proposed Budget for 2019.    


Questions from the Congregation:

Question 1

What happens on July 2nd ?

Answer 1:

The founding Board will remain in place, unless others decide not to continue with their position.  It is our hope that each of the members of the founding Board will stay in place for a full term.  The Founding Board will gain voting and decision authority on July 1, 2019.

Question 2:

Are the 6 Tansley trustees going to stay in place?

Answer 2:

Yes.  And we are hopeful that they will be joined by trustees that are moving over from St Stephen.

Question 3:

Can the names of the current Board and Founding Board members be shared in the email announcements?

Answer 3:

Yes.  When we have the names from both churches, we will add them to the email announcements.

  1. Request motion to adjourn 

 Motion made by – Carol D’Amelio 

  1. Benediction – Steve Huntley     

Meeting Adjourned.


Sent out January 3, 2019

The following motion was passed by both the St. Stephen Council and the Tansley Board:

A new combined St Stephen / Tansley “board” will be created, referred to as the Founding Board. The Founding Board will be created via respective congregational votes to be held on January 27, 2019. The Founding Board will be comprised of Co-Chairs for each of the committees that currently exist with the current job profiles from the Tansley Board (this covers all positions on the  St Stephen Council plus the additional Tansley roles as well). Each church has the potential to nominate 1 co-chair for each position (that will give the possibility of 2 co-chairs and equal representation from both churches).

Positions will be filled by: 

  • Open nominations with job profiles attached (where available) in each separate church.
  • Nominations will be accepted from anyone that is electing to be a member of the newly amalgamated church
  • Concurrent votes will take place in each congregation on Jan 27th
  • The successful nominee from each church for each position will then take on the “co-chair” role for that position effective January 28, 2019
  • If one church chooses to not elect a member for a specific committee chair position, then the Founding Board will operate with a single Committee Chair for that committee
  • This Founding Board will not have ‘decision making ability’ until July 1, 2019
  • Between January 28 – June 30th, the founding board will investigate and make any recommendations needed for the new amalgamated church and submit those to each respective Board/Council for approval at each church’s Board/Council meeting.
  • Only decisions that were approved by both respective Boards/Council will be enacted prior to July 1st
  • On July 1, 2019, the Founding Board, (including respective committee members at that time), will become the official Board/Council of the newly amalgamated church, and the existing Tansley Board will cease to exist.

Note – the pre-existing St Stephen Board may need to carry on for a period of time to deal with limited issues regarding the legacy property/sale.

It has been acknowledged that the following, (but not limited to), broad issues will need to be investigated and recommendations made (in consultation with the United Church of Canada) to the respective Boards early by the Founding Board to facilitate amalgamation by July 1, 2019:

  • New Church Organizational structure and potential impact on current churches’ paid staff and clergy
  • To determine the process and timing of when to begin the New Church Visioning, (which might include eventually a new name for the combined congregation)
  • Management of the combined finances of the New Church on July 1st
  • How to create new worship in the New Church beyond July 1st
  • Recommendations on process for how to facilitate the physical bringing of the congregations and working committees together post July 1st