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May 2018

Minister’s Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
May 2018 

Michael Mulrooney

The other day I was having lunch with two colleagues. I look forward to these opportunities, as I�m sure many of you do, an opportunity to catch up and share. We covered a lot of ground during our meal together, how is your church doing, what issues do we find in common and where is God in our places of worship and our lives. (not all of our talk is so spiritual-we do digress from time to time!)

As our time came to a close, the waitress appeared with the cheque and one of our group, perhaps inspired by our conversation, asked the waitress if she goes to church. Surprisingly, to me at least, taking no offense (maxim, don�t talk about politics and religion in public) the waitress began to thoughtfully answer the question.

She stated that she didn�t attend but did as a younger person. Asked why she stopped, she explained that found disagreement with her church and had developed her own understanding�s and ways of living, also adding as did her friends. My colleague followed this up with a further question, �Where and how do you get your spirit enlivened?�

It�s a good question to ask, whether you�re a regular attender of organized religion or establishing practices of your own making. Where and how is your spirit enlivened?

The world we live in can be both hectic and challenging. It can be difficult to find our way through the clutter of different belief systems and compounding viewpoints. The world is also incredibly beautiful. There is also a myriad of other practices. So how do you revive your spirit? A former professor of mine used to say � what gets your mojo going?

Each of us has a spirit, something I think most would agree, as well as emotional and physical. This jives with the popular saying, �I�m spiritual not religious.� It is critical for a happy and healthy life to know and understand what lifts your spirits when you are down or gives you guidance in times of uncertainty. Spirituality is something we exercise, we each need to develop this capacity.

While we can and do work out our spiritual lives individually, I firmly believe that this spirit-ability (the two words where spirituality comes from) is best discovered and regularly strengthened in and through community. We cannot do it on our own! We are made for one another and we need each other to be a part of an active and rich spiritual life. Many find this in churches, others beyond the church. If your reading this and looking for a place to join a community along the path of your journey, we respectfully welcome you and hope to find common ground together. May you find new blessings every day!

Peace, Rev. Steve Huntley