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Sunday September 17th 10:00 am Worship - Rev Steve Huntley - Reflections on Sabbatical
Monday September 18th 1:00 pm

7:00 pm

Yoga- Strengthen and Stretch - 50 + Group

NBC united meeting

Tuesday September 19th 7:00 pm Board Meeting
Wednesday September 20th 6:00 pm UCW Potluck Dinner
Thursday September 21st 1:00 pm

7:30 pm

Line Dancing with Bev - 50 + Group


Friday September 22nd

10:30 am

Food for Life

Sunday September 26th 10:00 am Worship - Rev Steve Huntley  - Creation series

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Upcoming Events

Sunday October 1st 10:00 am Worldwid Communion
Tuesday October 3rd 7:30 pm New Comer Evening

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How can I share my Talents with Tansley?

Take a moment and review the Time and Talent information for more details on how you can share your gifts with Tansley......  Click here