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 Minister's Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
 January 2018   







Sermon Series - “New Beginnings”



Greetings!  I trust that these past couple of weeks have been important for you and family. Together we have celebrated the Christmas season and a New Year.  Holidays or Holy-days are opportunities to reconnect with family and friends and experience the joy and gratitude of all our relationships.  It is also a time to rejoice in our relationship with God; to celebrate the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, born to us and in us.


Starting this Sunday, a new time is upon us called Epiphany; a word which means “New Beginnings.”  We tend to think of a new year as bringing new opportunities and possibilities, and so, as we look to the future, we can explore together all that God holds new and exciting.


Over the next six weeks in church we will be on a journey of discovery.  Each Sunday we will explore topics that speak to “New Beginnings.” In Jesus we see and experience the fullness of God as revealed through His life and teachings.  As we celebrate with hope, joy, healing, the new life God has given us, we will discover new areas of life, loving and living.


This journey will take us through the witness of the scriptures and into our daily lives. I hope you will take the opportunity to join us.  Worship is at 10am.  You are welcome.  We also have a Children’s Program. 


God Bless,

Rev Stephen Huntley