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 Minister's Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
 Lent 2018   








We are soon heading into the penitential Season of Lent.  Lent is a six-week period of devotion and study in preparation for the celebration of Easter.


In this time, we acknowledge our sins (Ash Wednesday   – Service at 7:00 pm, Feb 14th), our lack of compassion for others and the world.  We are not what we could be, so we take the opportunity to dedicate our lives over again in pursuit of the goal of sharing in and proclaiming the Kingdom of God.


The ‘Me too! Movement,’ today speaks to the cost of bringing justice and hope to the world.  Sacrifices of this kind are a mirror image of what God calls each of us to do “for His sake.” Our world is a broken place and we acknowledge our part.  In doing so we seek the grace and forgiveness given to all who repent and turn to God.


Lent also prepares us for once again to recall the agony of the cross that Christ carried for the salvation of the world.  We are broken and in need of a savior, lost and need to be found. We too are to “pick up our crosses” (that is our burdens) and follow in his footsteps. We invite you to join in worshiping the God who prepares the way for us through his self-sacrificing love.


Peace, Rev Steve Huntley