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 Minister's Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
 March 2017   





We live in some very confusing and troubled times, it seems whenever we turn on the news it is filled with increasingly angry, fearful and self-centered messages.  Across our world, we are seeing an increase in nationalistic sentiment.  Whether in Europe or North America, governments echo the call for its citizens to think only about their own interests, forget others, or the less advantaged.  This is also said in covert language which makes the message sound almost altruistic.


This message is hard to hear when we live in a country that is so rich, not only materially but in nature. Yet, any message which appeals to our baser self is often greeted by the majority; we are all susceptible to a message that puts me first.


Jesus called and calls us to put others first in the name of God.  To put others before ourselves is to experience life more abundantly, this is so because we walk in Christ for to live a life in Christ Jesus is to find peace, encouragement love and life.

There are many in this world that recognize the short-sightedness of employing a kind of politic that uses fear, self-interest to appeal to its citizens.  May we be part of a movement which seeks the betterment of others through acts of charity, mercy and grace. May God bless you,


Rev. Stephen Huntley