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 Minister's Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
 September 2017   





Greetings, hope your summer has gone well!  Soon we’ll back to regular routines.  While that message may evoke sadness or melancholy, routines on the whole are life giving. 


Eliminating routine is what we look forward to during the summer, we want to abandon the familiar for different living, yet I believe that most people eventually need routines.  Our routines give us direction and purpose, routine can create order and satisfaction. A great many thrive on routine.


It should come as no surprise, then, that Jesus abandoned routine from time to time.  On more than one occasion he retreated from his mission and went away.  Scriptures described that place as, isolated – he needed an escape to recharge.  Yet following these times away He returned to the work of His Father.


Regular routines in September involves returning to work and our various commitments.  For some it is a return to regular worship. Many welcome the routine after a “time away’ with less structure.


We are excited about this Fall at Tansley and some new routines.  On September 10th, we are formally welcoming our sister church, Nelson United Church, into one body in Christ here at Tansley.  Their presence has already added energy to the congregation (Nelson closed end of June) through new vital relationships.


We invite you to join us for worship and life here at Tansley.  Reminder that Sunday School formally begins on September 10.  If you are new to the area we look forward to welcoming you into our Christian fellowship. I believe that you will find Tansley a friendly and inviting congregation. If you decide to check us out, please identity yourself following the service.  I look forward to meeting with you,


Peace in Christ Jesus,

Rev Steve Huntley