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 Minister's Corner: A Message from Rev. Steve Huntley
 August 2018   






Glad you’ve taken a moment to visit our site.  If you’ve checked us out before you will recognize some changes, change which we believe will improve our ability to reach out to God’s people and the community.


Upon reflection I was prompted to think about things get done in our world and the importance of leadership.  Not much happens in this world without good leadership; someone taking a hold of an idea and making it happen.


There are many definitions of leadership and many of them quite good.  A few years ago, a friend offered the following definition of leadership. I refer and defer to it often.  “Leadership is the activity of influencing people to come together to co-operate towards a goal which they find desirable.”


If something is going to change, it likely is there result of good decision-making dedication and careful planning, important ingredients in leadership. (A note of appreciation to our web-master Susan and support of the Communications Committee.)


Good leadership, however, ought not to be viewed as a “silver bullet,” something which resolves all issues.  We ought not to view leadership as a magical solution. Leaders by definition do not do it alone.  If we imagine that all we need to do in life is find the right leader and all will be well, we are mistaken.  Leaders are most effective in identifying pressing problems and assisting organizations with their most pressing problems and challenges.


This kind of leadership describes best the work of Christ in the church and world.  May we look to influence the world around through our work and leadership in good faith, 


Cheers, Rev, Stephen Huntley