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Tansley Job Jar

There are always things to tweak, repair, adjust, install, remove, improve, scrape, apply, hang, lower, drill, saw or hammer around the church. Help complete a job from the job jar on the third Monday of the month!

Working as a group, you will help tackle a particular job or “fix-it” task from the job jar. You will no doubt become friends with another guy or gal who is funny, creative, industrious, or enthusiastic!

The jar might challenge you with a leaky tap, a squeaky hinge, a falling cupboard, loose screws, a running toilet or who knows ???? Perhaps you will learn a new skill, or teach a trick or two.

No particular skills or tools are needed – just bring your willingness to “pitch-in”!

When: 3rd Monday of the month, starting October 18

What time: 7:00 p.m.