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Clear your Clutter and Open Your Soul

Rev. Valerie Pitt

Saturday May 26th 9:30 am - noon


 “Back by Popular Demand” … a deeper exploration of our own unique styles of gathering clutter.

Welcome newcomers and returnees alike.


Hanging onto possessions that no longer bring life or energy can make one feel stuck, stagnant and overwhelmed.

This light hearted and interactive workshop offers a beginning place for individuals to explore some of our own unique styles of gathering clutter.  We will also look at the challenges that prevent us from letting go of things that we no longer enjoy or need.

De-cluttering when seen as a Spiritual Practice can free up space in our physical surroundings as well as opening up a place within us for deeper spiritual opportunities and insights. 

Stephanie Bennett Vogt author of Your Spacious Self describes clutter as "anything that prevents us from being who we truly are."  

If this sparks your interest then please feel welcome to join us on.......

Come ready to ponder, reflect and explore your own experience with stuff!  There will be a cost of $5.00 per participant.

Sign up sheets are at the back of the Sanctuary.