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Wednesdays February 21st - March 28th 1:00 pm

Lent is the tradition season for Christians to prepare themselves for the observation of Christ Passion, the journey to the cross.  This preparation takes many forms, attendance at worship services, and other services such as Ash Wednesday and Holy Week Services.  Lent is also a time of penitence, piety and devotion to scripture and Bible Study.  Tansley has typically offered a Lenten Study and this year is no exception.

This yearís study incorporates the work of John Eldredge through his book ďWaking the Dead.Ē  In that Study, Eldredge will take us on a journey of Godís purposes for humanity through a biblical understanding of the heart.  Eldredge notes that the least understood concept in scripture is the concept of the heart.  It is in and through Godís work in our hearts, by Godís transforming love, that we come to know God, and surprisingly too, in the process discover who we are.   In doing so you will gain a greater knowledge Godís purposes for the world and experience all the joy, love and hope God has for each of us.

Please join us on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m., from February 21st through to March 28th.  Cost of the book is $20.  

If that cost is prohibitive, the Faith Formation Committee know and we will subsidize.