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Teen Confirmation: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Confirmation?

If you were baptised, your parents made promises on your behalf, specifically to provide a Christian home you, and to encourage you to make a personal profession of faith when you were old enough to make that decision. Usually we consider “old enough” to be about the time a person enters high school.
This confirmation group is a gathering of young adults like yourself who are willing to consider whether they wish to make that personal profession of faith and “confirm” their membership in the Christian faith. This group will be an exploration of faith so that you can make an informed decision.

Do I have to be baptised to be confirmed?

No. Anyone, baptised or unbaptised, is welcome to take part in this group and, if desired, make a personal profession of faith in June.

What will we be doing?

There will be text books, note-taking, long lectures and lots of homework, plus pop-quizzes and a final exam. Ha ha, just kidding! Actually, our confirmation groups have always had a lot of fun through discussions and activities, story sharing, laughing and caring for each other, as well as thinking about the Christian faith, the United Church, the Tansley community and God’s role in our lives.

When will the classes take place?

This varies from year to year. Check back for more information early in the New Year.

If I join the Confirmation class, do I have to be confirmed?

No. While we encourage young adults at Tansley to make a personal profession of faith, the purpose of confirmation class is not to “rubber stamp” confirmations (Ka-CHUNK! "New Christian Number 735. Next!" Ka-CHUNK! "New Christian Number 736. Next!") but rather to give you enough information so that you can make an informed decision at this time. After taking part in this group, if you decide not to be confirmed this year, you can always change your mind sometime in the future.

For more information, contact the church office.