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Volunteer Opportunities at Tansley

Come and Share your Time and Talents

Communications Committee

Delivering the Message, faithfully, is a major part of the Tansley mission.

Here’s an overview of the kind of help needed:

Sound and video operators (4 people).  Teens – get your volunteer hours while learning about the interesting world of audio/video. Training is provided to help you develop the special skills needed to operate the slide show and sound board at each Sunday’s service. Since we work as a team operation, this is an especially good opportunity for family members to work together. Total time involvement is about one Sunday every six weeks.

To read more about this committee click here: Communication

Contact:  Ken Ahrens

Finance Committee

Join the Finance Committee and make a difference where we count ! Working with the Treasurer, the Finance Committee is responsible for the finances of the church, including accounts payable, payroll, preparation of the yearly budget and financial reports. Working with the Envelope Steward, the Finance Committee oversees counting and depositing of offering, preparation of tax receipts and statement of givings forms. Offer your skill with figures to the enrich the life of our church!

To read more about this committee click here: Finance

 Contact: Nancy Holman

Fundraising Committee

You have honed your skills with the PTA, the golf club or your children's sports and dance teams. You know how to wash cars and sell chocolate bars and now you are ready to take money-making for a good cause to the next level! Or, perhaps you simply want to help out...

Tansley's recent fundraising projects include a successful Electronics Recycling day and the ongoing VISTA program. Help out with established fundraising projects or spearhead new initiatives. This group with a “go-to-it” attitude, welcomes your participation.


Kid's Program

Faith gives our children roots and wings.

Kids' Program Guide:(4 people, one for each week of the month)

You don't have to be a teacher to be a helpful guide, as you roll out the Sunday school curriculum to between five and 15 young members of our congregation between 10:15 and 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Including preparation, time commitment for a Kids' Program Guide is about 2.5 hours a month.

Kids' Program Assistant Guide: (4 people, one for each week of the month)

This is an ideal job for those who enjoy children, as they help the Kids' Program Guide run each week's Sunday school program. This position requires little extra time outside of the actual Sunday commitment (10:15-11a.m.).

Substitute Kids’ Program Guide or Assistant: (2 people)

Vacation schedules and five-Sunday months are part of life, so extra helpers are needed to cover the "shifts” of the regular Kids’ Program Guides and Assistant Guides. This is a great opportunity for people who have more limited time but would love to help out on occasion.

Summer Kids’ Program Guide and Assistant: (8 people)

Every summer, the regular Kids’ Program Guides and their assistants take a well-deserved break, so we need summer guides and assistants to step in for them. Typically the classes are not as large during the summer months. Time commitment is about 90 minutes a month.

Craft Preparers (4 people)

Not up to taking on a Kids Program Guide role, but want to help out? Enjoy working with your hands? Volunteer to cut paper or assemble craft projects for use in Kids Program. The Kids Program Guides would appreciate your help — one , two or four weeks each month.

Craft materials are made available by the church, along with complete instructions.

Youth/Teen Program Supporters (2 + people)

We would love to offer periodic opportunities for our youth and teen congregation members to come together outside of Sunday morning in either discussion groups, outreach programs or just to have fun and get to know each other better. If you would be willing to work with the youth to help plan and implement a one evening or one day “event” we would love to have the help.

Contact: Stacy Goodale

Outreach Committee

Care about your neighbours, near and far? 
Heart ablaze for social justice?

Join the Outreach Committee as we participate in God's work in the world.

YOU ARE: An action oriented, team player willing to give time and energy to Tansley's outreach projects. You are a people person who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Armed with a “can-do” spirit (and a good sense of humour) you are well-equipped to join our dynamic team.

Current Tansley Outreach Projects:

North Burlington Community Dinner
Wesley Urban Centre Chili Dinner
Wesley Christmas No-Charge Store
Haiti Mission

To read more about this committee click here: Outreach

Contact: Janice Martin

Property Committee

The Property Committee has many willing workers to mow grass, to blow snow, to change light bulbs, to weed gardens, and do light repairs. 

Bring your team spirit, strong back and DIY know-how to the property committee. This group oversees rental of our church to outside groups and often sets up the space (and restores the configuration for Sunday worship). Rostered teams take care of grass-cutting and snow shoveling. The group keeps our church home in shape by carrying out painting and repairs and makes assessments and recommendations on needs for capital improvements, as they arise. Grab your tool box and join the crew!

To read more about this committee click here: Property

Contact: Kathy Munn

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee promotes the faithful giving of time, talents and treasure to Tansley and the wider United Church. Initiatives aim to increase understanding of faith-based sharing of gifts and encourage the deepening of spiritual experience that accompanies meaningful commitment to the life and mission of the church.

Projects may include an annual pledge campaign; education and promotion for planned giving and co-hosting events that allow congregation members to explore and identify their spiritual gifts and opportunities to use these gifts to participate in God's work at Tansley and beyond.

Bring your faith and creative ideas to this project-based group that meets occasionally throughout the year and requires periods of dedicated time commitment over the course of the annual campaign.

To read more about this committee click here: Stewardship


Do you love to meet new people? Do you have a knack for making folks feel at home? Join the Welcoming Team and help us plan and host Newcomer's Coffee nights to welcome people into the TUC faith community.

Still believe in the importance of a hand-written message of encouragement? Join our “note writing” team -keeping connections with members we haven't seen for awhile. (No meetings required and you can work from the comfort of your own home.) This friendly and low key group communicates frequently by e-mail and meets when the need arises.

To read more about this committee click here: Welcoming

Contact: Marsha Ahrens or Sandy Wright


Many hands and hearts contribute to preparing worship services at Tansley.

Worship committee co-ordinates the activities of a large number of volunteers from the congregation and works in collaboration with the minister and director of music to plan weekly and special services. Members attend monthly meetings with the minister to plan worship.

We recruit, train and schedule worship volunteers who aid by ushering, greeting, reading scripture, serving communion and helping with baptisms. We prepare the sanctuary for weekly services and co-ordinate decoration throughout the liturgical year.

Consider joining the committee at large or offer your services in a designated role, such as:

• Sunday Service (Scheduling) Coordinator: Schedule the ushers, greeters, and Communion servers on a quarterly basis.

• Worship Service Coordinator: (roistered position- works one Sunday in every 3 to 5): check lights are on, greeters & ushers are in position, candles are ready to be lit, assist Candlelighter and ensure Sanctuary is tidy after service.

• Communion Coordinator: approx. one hour /month to organize elements preparation (first Sunday of the month). Purchase, prepare and layout elements for service and help to organize the servers on the Sunday morning.

• Baptism Coordinator

  • work with minister when a Baptism Celebration is scheduled.

  • call the scheduled Congregational Mentors to meet with the minister and families.

  • call the Baptism Team Member who is next on the schedule for service preparation.

• Sanctuary Decoration Coordinator: work with Decoration Teams and maintain the ‘Decorators’ Guide to Tansley Decorations’

Team #1: Advent through Epiphany (Christmas)
Team #2: Lent to Pentecost (Easter)
Team #3: Pentecost to Thanksgiving

We are always looking for few good men willing to make like Jacob to assist with decorating the sanctuary for special services. Great opportunity for upward mobility with only an occasional commitment of time.

Women wishing to scale the heights also welcome to apply-- no glass ceiling. SUMMER NEEDS: Ask how you can help out with the summer schedule!

To read more about this committee click here: Worship

Contact: Lynn Merwart


Coffee or lemonade after Sunday Worship provides welcome refreshment and a chance for fellowship. Myrna-Gail McDonald heads the team of gracious hosts who bring this gift to others each week. Opportunities available now for summer servers. See the Sign-up Sheet at the back of the Church

For more info, please contact the church office.

Tansley Prayer Chain

Meetings, agendas and public speaking are not for you-- but you are a spiritual leader who spends a part of each day in communication with the Creator. Share your gift by joining the Tansley Prayer Chain and help maintain that vital link with “headquarters” by praying for our community of faith and church leaders.

To read more about this group click here: Prayer Chain

Contact: Marilyn Stairs


You have a good basic understanding of what it takes to responsibly administer the property of others and could commit time to meet with your fellow committee members two or three times per year.

The Trustees hold and administer the property of Tansley United Church on behalf of the congregation. They deal with matters pertaining to taxes and insurance and administer legacies, investments and debt instruments.

Put your wisdom to work for Tansley as a TUC trustee!