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Functions of the committee:

  • Sound and video support of the Sunday services
  • Website and social media support
  • Updating the sign in front of the church
  • Production of an electronic newsletter

Sound and Video Service Support

  • We have a team of volunteers who create the slides for each service and special event.  Training will be provided and schedules are made on a quarterly basis
  • We have teams of volunteers who work the booth each Sunday.    Training will be provided and schedules are made on a quarterly basis
  • If you would like to join either team please contact Ken Ahrens.

Website Development

  • The website has become  a source for members of the congregation to find out what is happening.  It also informs those wishing to join Tansley on what we are doing both inside and outside our walls. 
  • Some of the things the site is doing:
    • Communicate Tansley’s Purpose and Vision both visitors and members
    • Resource for “This week at Tansley”
    • Spiritual Support (daily devotion link, New Testament in a Year support, Prayer link requests)
    • Small group pages that the groups can use to explain the programs that they are working on. 
    • Source of information about the Church Board.

The church sign is updated on a regular basis and is meant to communicate what "Tansley is...." both inside and outside the building.

The Weekly Announcements and Quarterly Newsletters are emailed to all members of the congregation, printed copies are also available to all newcomers at the church.

Ken Ahrens - Chair



For more info, please contact the church office.