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The objective is for the Co-Chairs of the Property Committee is to establish small work groups or teams to carry out seasonal/yearly specific tasks associated with the ongoing maintenance of the Church and it’s property.

The teams will work on the property, Building Operations, maintenance, and improvements. Teams will be made up of Tansley congregational members and will be directed by Co-Chairs of the Property Committee.

Continuing the concept of having Co- Chair for the Property Committee has proven beneficial to this important group for Tansley.

Proposed Organization:

Co- Chairs

The Co-Chairs report to Tansley Board and Congregation. They are responsible for planning and coordinating the teams in completing the tasks and responsibilities of the Property Committee on a seasonal/yearly basis.

The Co-Chairs will mentor and advise the teams, work with other ad hoc groups such as “Job Jar group” UCW etc.

It is advisable to have 1 or 2 property members available during daytime hours, to assist with safety, Security, and other operational issues.


To mentor, and advise the teams

Prepare budgets and ensure financial control

Maintain an ongoing Capital 5 Year Plan for general maintenance and future building plans

Ensure proper policy and procedures are in place for all associated Property Committee activities

Coordination with other Tansley Committees and Groups.

Report to Tansley’s Board and Congregation (Prepare monthly   report as needed)

Team Concept

Team A – Church Building

This is the overall up keep, maintenance, and infrastructure of the Building.  The major area of responsibility are as follows;

Electrical systems (lights, timers, energy efficiency, power)

Security and emergency lights and systems

Fire Alarm system, monitoring and maintenance

on call for response for emergencies, false alarms

Elevator- maintenance, Contracts, inspections, safety

Mechanical equipment – Heating and cooling. 

Overview of Contracts for service of equipment


Pest control  and storage

Keys and locks

Will work with major renters  and users of space within the building

Continuous coordination with office staff & administrator

Team B - Facility Users

This area involves coordination and cooperation with the Church office. Long term Rental contracts would be dealt with by Finance. The team would assist with requirements to space for safe operation of the users and review of any requested changes to the leased space and building.

Major work is supporting the rental for community groups and organizations. i.e. Condominium meetings, recitals etc. The tasks primarily are week day evenings and some Saturdays. This task requires 2-3 dedicated persons to manage the tasks.


Opening and Closing,

Set up of chairs and tables, flip charts for meetings

Monitor the use of the space by groups such as Guides and respond to issues

Assist with congregational activities as requested.

Team C – Custodial

This requires Team Lead + member.


Oversee Custodial services and duties

Cleaning equipment products and supplies

Custodial position description and scope

Reporting and responding to issues.

Recycling and garbage

Team D –Exterior (Building and grounds)

Requires a Team lead and members


Spring and fall start up and clean up

Maintenance and new works for lawns, trees and shrub plantings,

Snow removal  (sidewalks and entrances ) (Contract for Parking and roads)

Equipment and tools, and supplies

Exterior surfaces and signage for site

Storage Buildings

Parking enforcement

List capital projects for renewal and replacement

 Team E – Capital works

This area is planning and implementing new work and or improvements to equipment, structures , building and property.

This team is comprised of the Co Chairs, Team leaders or members, and representatives from Finance.


·         To plan and develop a 5 – year capital plan that schedules major initiatives for renewal and replacing equipment, space and other assets. A listing of typical projects will be reviewed and updated for the current year, and presented to the full Board.


For more info, please contact the church office.