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Outreach at Tansley

The Outreach Committee seeks opportunities for Tansley to offer help, wherever it is needed.


North BurLINKton  Community Group


North BurLINKton  Community Group activities can be found at http://northburlinkton.cdhalton.ca/.


North Burlington Community Dinners (NBCD)

We now have 6 churches involved – 24/7 Church, Forestview, Glad Tidings, Crossroads, St. Stephen United and Tansley; as well as a group of community volunteers.   Food for Life, Refresh Food and Partnership West have been amazing at supplying food for the dinners.  Thanks to the Tansley volunteers (20 on our roster) who work at the dinners.  These dinners are held twice a month (2nd and 4th Wednesdays).   All volunteers must have a police check (vulnerable people).



Tansley Food Cupboard 

This was recently established.  We are requesting non-perishable food items to continue to help fill Tansley's Food Cupboard.  These items are distributed locally to those in need and can be left in the front lobby.

Some suggestions are: peanut butter, canned tuna, pasta, sauce, soup, cereal and crackers.


Your generous support will make a positive difference in so many lives! Thank you.


Chill Zone


This afterschool program at Tansley is up and running with 30 children (age range JK - Gr 8.) registered on Mondays and Thursday.  The school bus is met at Walkers and Upper Middle and the kids are waving and shouting before the bus even stops. Activities focus on help with homework, crafts and sports.   The kids are excited and happy with the program.   They are very grateful to Tansley for the support we have offered with our loft space.  This program is making a big difference in the lives of these children and their families.  Tansley will continue to support them with donation of our loft space.


Eye Glass Collection


Thanks to everyone who donated prescription eye glasses.  We have collected to date (about 50 pairs), which have been sent to an optometrist for sizing.



Tansley: Reaching out to our community, region, and world.

Global Projects 

Tansley is collecting prescription eyeglasses and hearing aids for donation to Haiti and/or other developing countries.

We are also investigating helping with a project to collect clothing for SOCKS (Support Orphaned Children Kenyan School) an orphanage in Kenya, a cause Tansley has supported in the past.

Regional Projects

Wesley Urban Ministries is a Hamilton Conference outreach mission, offering a hand up to those in need. 

Local Projects

North Burlington Community Dinner

Food for Life is a food recovery program that picks up surplus food from grocery stores, restaurants and corporate partners (mainly fruit, vegetables and baked goods) and delivers it to outreach programs in low-income locations throughout Halton. Tansley Church has one of these outreach programs each Friday morning. People needing food can drop into Tansley Church before 10:20 am with their grocery bags. A Food for Life van drops off food and volunteers sort and organize the food into the client's bags.  

Halton Fresh Food Box is a non-profit, volunteer run healthy eating program supported by Halton Region Ontario Trillium Foundation and Ontario Ministry of Health.  Tansley United Church also acts as a depot for the Halton Fresh Food Box.  Fresh food can be ordered and picked up between 4pm and 630pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Partnership West Food Bank located at 1A - 1254 Plains Road East, Burlington operates a food bank.  Their hours are Monday To Thursday 9am to 11:45am and on Saturday 9am to 11:45am, closed Friday and Sunday.

Additionally within Tansley, other groups plan and organize other community Outreach projects.

The UCW supports the following groups throughout the year:  Halton Women’s Place, Wesley Urban Ministries, SOCKS, Five Oaks, Carpenter Hospice and the United Church Mission & Service Fund.


Tansley Park Community Homes (TPCH) consists of fourteen non-profit townhouses located next to the church at 4090 Millcroft Park Drive. The townhouses are predominately rent-geared-to-income units, and play a part in the community outreach program of Tansley and the Hamilton Conference of the United Church of Canada.  TPCH operates in partnership with Community Housing and Services of the Region of Halton who provide the rent subsidies for our rent-geared-to-income structure. While not a requirement, the Board of Directors and officers of TPCH are members of the Tansley congregation.


We are always looking for ways that Tansley can support those in our community who need a helping hand - where best we can put our resources in Burlington. If you have any suggestions, please speak to one of the members of the committee.


United Church of Canada

In addition, we will support appeals by the United Church of Canada. During Summer 2011, we publicized the appeal for relief for The Horn of Africa. http://www.united-church.ca/communications/news/releases/110720

Want to Help?

Pray for these projects, for the people who serve on them, and for those they serve.

Volunteer some time.

Donate items. From time to time, we will be asking for donations of food items for dinners, toys, clothing and other items as need arises.

Make financial donations.

Join the Outreach Committee. We could use your ideas and input.  If you would like to work on Outreach projects, please contact us.

The Outreach Committee

If you have any questions or want to help, please contact a member of the Outreach Committee – Janice Martin, Janice Hatt, Anne Glover and Sandra Newcombe.

Congratulations to Janice Martin for winning the Burlington's Best Community Service Award
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