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How are my Gifts used?

Your stewardship in the form of financial gifts, time or talent supports four main areas of ministry and programming at Tansley-   Worship, Pastoral Care, Christian Development and Mission and Outreach


Our church provides sacred space in which to gather as a community to worship God.  We worship each Sunday at 10 a.m. Our minister, music director, Worship Committee, church co-ordinator and technical crew all assist in preparation of Sunday services.  Adult and childrenís choirs offer ministry of music.  At Tansley, we have a strong tradition of lay participation in the leading of worship.

Here are some practical examples of what our gifts enable:

o    Ministry leadership in worship and preaching              

o    Instruments, Choir, staff and supplies

o    Baptisms, weddings and funerals

o    Banners and decorations

o    Ushers, greeters and counters

o    Worship resources, hymn books and projection materials

o    Supplies: bulletins, offering envelopes etc.

Pastoral Care

Our ministry personnel and lay volunteers provide ongoing care and support to members and friends of our congregation. We share our love of God through our care of one another.

Here are some practical examples of what our gifts provide:

o    Visits to hospitals and homes

o    Prayer Shawls and PrayerLink

o    Supportive counselling

o    Fellowship and Social Events

Christian Development

At Tansley we are growing people of faith! We provide education for children and youth at church school each Sunday. Adult study and reflection take place through Bible study, small groups, workshops and leadership retreats.  Special classes, for confirmation, baptism or to orient new members are offered throughout the year. 

Here are some practical examples of what our gifts support:

o    Kids Program; Supplies and Curriculum

o    Teen confirmation classes

o    Adult membership classes and baptism orientation classes

o    Adult bible study

o    Small group ministries

Mission and Outreach

As people of faith we are called to Godís work in the world around us.  We provide money and time to initiatives beyond our church walls. We support the work of the United Church through Presbytery and Conference assessments.  Our congregation has a strong ministry of outreach- both in our local community and farther afield.

Here are some practical examples of where our gifts are used :

o    United Church Mission & Service (M & S) fund

o    Presbytery and Conference Work

o    Local initiatives such as Carpenter Hospice, Halton Womenís Place, Wesley Urban Ministries (Hamilton)

o    SOCKS (Kenya); Empower Global (Haiti)


For more info, please contact the church office.