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This year throughout Advent our themes will be celebrated with a ‘celtic’ feel and pattern and will form part of a slightly different way of looking at the coming of our Saviour, based on the Jesse Tree.


What is a Jesse Tree? The Jesse tree is the family tree of Jesus. It goes back to the very beginning, to Creation, it traces His family through the Old Testament, and it ends when He is born on Christmas day. A Jesse tree is a little like an advent calendar, except that it emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Like any advent countdown, the Jesse tree has one ornament per day. Unlike a calendar, though, the Jesse tree tradition focuses on a Bible story, a character, a devotion each day. In four weeks, we adorn a Jesse tree with illustrated ornaments that represent the people, prophesies, and events leading up to the birth of Jesus. We read about the great and wonderful things that God did on our behalf. And then we rejoice in the birth of Jesus 


December 3              Advent 1:   The Creative Breath:  God   

          Stories for the week include: God, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph


December 10            Advent 2:  Light and Darkness: Moses                                                                                                            

                                    Stories for the week include:  Joshua, Gideon, Ruth, Samuel, Ten Commandments and Jonah


December 17            Advent 3:  Obedience:  David                                                                                                                   

                                    Stories for the week include:  Isaiah, Habakkuk, Zechariah,


December 24            Advent 4:  Birth and Re-Birth:  Journey to Bethlehem                                                                        

                                    Stories for the week include:  John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus


The theme in bold will be the focus on Sunday mornings during advent; however, the Jesse Tree ornament patterns and readings for the entire four weeks of Advent will be available for families to take home to their own Jesse Tree. These readings can be a time when family gets together to prepare for the coming of the Christ Child.





 5:30 p.m. A Preschool Christmas -”Santa’s Favorite Story”

A short service of story-telling and carols. Leader Donna Lelievre.


7:00 p.m. Family Carol Service

A traditional service of seasonal readings and music, featuring the Tansley Choir.


11:00 p.m. Christmas Candlelight Communion

A reflective late-evening service of Carols and Communion, as we welcome the Christ Child.